Friday 15 July 2011

Aural Null Simulator

Over the years of my involvement in Air Search and Rescue I have noticed that there are a number of people who do not fully understand the subtleties of how radio signal propagation and reception affect electronic searches. This is quite natural since these people are not regularly exposed the nuances of radio signals. However it does make explaining how the Aural Null search patterns work, and cementing the requirement to follow the procedures layed out in the pattern descriptions difficult at times.

To help with this situation, I've taken some of the technology being developed for the SARMobile project, and some of the technology I've developed in my professional career and used them to develop an Aural Null Simulator. The current version is very rudimentary, but is sufficient to practice the techniques and hone the skills.

This is, at the moment, very much a Beta release, so I ask anyone trying it out to bear that in mind and report any bugs here on the blog, or to the email address provided on the applet description page which is available on our Java Applet Server.

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